my most INSANE 18,900 IQ impostor clutch on AIRSHIP yet...

Join Disguised Toast and the gang for fresh big brain Impostor gameplay on the new Airship map.

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Intro soundtrack composed by: Fabian Del Priore (Rapture)
Edited and Animated by: Frosturne


  • keiko izawa
    keiko izawaPřed 2 dny

    18:36 In this meeting... Toast: I think it's leslie and bretman Leslie: I think it's Toast and Corpse They didn't even get one impostor correct lmao

  • god
    godPřed 24 dny

    Omg that animation is so cuteeeeee

  • Lauren Arnold
    Lauren ArnoldPřed měsícem

    I just laughed at toast’s character jumping up the side of the wall 2:51

  • Am Sa
    Am SaPřed měsícem

    OK cyan I think is the host. He did really good the first game as imp. But his detective is really dumb. It was obvious green from the first meeting call. I would have already voted green.

  • Filipinx
    FilipinxPřed 2 měsíci

    So kind of Toast also uploading his friends winning the game

  • Zexal Digisaiyan Ash
    Zexal Digisaiyan AshPřed 2 měsíci

    SYKKUNO MARINATED *TOAST!?!?!?!* OH MY GOD!!! THAT IS EVEN BIGGER THAN ANY "JACK VS TOAST" MOMENTS!!!! HOLY SHOOT I AM LOSING MY MIND AT THIS!!! I knew he could do something amazing if he just tried for it. Awesomeness.

  • Aezoth Games
    Aezoth GamesPřed 2 měsíci

    Toast.. Please keep doing you... We need guys like you to stand up to shit like this... Comedy is not reality. You make jokes. There is a difference between that and being any kind of "ist" you're just being funny..

  • Kower Presents
    Kower PresentsPřed 2 měsíci

    How the fuk this s***(among us) still gets 1 mil views?

  • Sarah Josephs
    Sarah JosephsPřed 3 měsíci

    Not Toast faking tasks as a crewmate 😭🤚🏽

  • SaraLovesYou
    SaraLovesYouPřed 3 měsíci

    Jack just advertising Corpse's and MGK's song be like LOLz

  • SaraLovesYou
    SaraLovesYouPřed 3 měsíci

    A little bit of me is hurt whenever Sykkuno dies. He's freaking funny duo with Toast.

  • DYNAM1TE1998
    DYNAM1TE1998Před 3 měsíci

    As per usual poki sussing toast for no reason, she's so smart!

  • dudekill4win
    dudekill4winPřed 3 měsíci

    Fuslie hard tunneled on something she didnt see lol

  • Jesudason Films
    Jesudason FilmsPřed 3 měsíci

    Apart from being surprised, Toast's smile makes it seem like he's really proud of Sykkuno

  • EatSleepDie
    EatSleepDiePřed 3 měsíci

    I love how when I search for toast on youtube the first thing that pops up is quadrilion adds for buying a toaster

  • Kalista Joanna
    Kalista JoannaPřed 3 měsíci

    Corpse: is someone’s alarm going off? ((my alarm goes off a minute later))

  • LD Tuna
    LD TunaPřed 3 měsíci

    15:02 im not even joking I found out I had lice yesterday so this stung

  • Story Teller 34
    Story Teller 34Před 3 měsíci

    Disguised toast More like This guy is toast

  • Jireh Micah
    Jireh MicahPřed 3 měsíci

    the sound of disbelief in Corpse's voice when Sykuno won tho

  • Vox Goomba
    Vox GoombaPřed 3 měsíci

    « I’m tryna be a friend 🥺! » is too cute

  • burgerbiter
    burgerbiterPřed 3 měsíci

    hey i know the place with the guns i know it as "america"

  • Saioren
    SaiorenPřed 3 měsíci

    sykkunos acting was insane

  • An Hua
    An HuaPřed 3 měsíci

    I can't stop laughing at the fact that toast yawned for 8 seconds and his face, how slow it all is, it's just perfect

  • Robert Jones
    Robert JonesPřed 3 měsíci

    I remember before the airship update I had that glitch where you kill you freeze in place. Well the week before the airship update I ran into corpse the whole week and when I tag team imposter with him and I kill and freeze in place then they report it corpse was able to convince everyone it wasn't me and vote other people out that was a fun week

  • Rayyan Qalif Muhammad Fazli
    Rayyan Qalif Muhammad FazliPřed 3 měsíci

    You are a pro

  • fujoshi fluff
    fujoshi fluffPřed 3 měsíci

    It was pretty obvious at the end tho

  • fujoshi fluff
    fujoshi fluffPřed 3 měsíci

    I can’t believe he forgot corpse leslie and jodi were up in meeting room together and the platform wasn’t there and no one passed him, how the f is bretman dead when all four of them were together and no one sussed sykkuno

  • Brisa Nelson
    Brisa NelsonPřed 3 měsíci

    Corpse wears eyeliner?!?!?!

  • Eliakim Aluver
    Eliakim AluverPřed 3 měsíci

    12:52 he's so dramatic lmao

  • Aviation Gamer X
    Aviation Gamer XPřed 3 měsíci

    9:38 if you notice on the windows, there is a heli coming straight for the airship, charles is trying his greatest plan again...

  • Cμben
    CμbenPřed 3 měsíci

    What's that song in the intro? Seen it a couple times but I can't find the naaaameee

  • Sterben Gaming
    Sterben GamingPřed 3 měsíci

    ''Dont flatter urself''

  • kasimcmk cmk
    kasimcmk cmkPřed 3 měsíci

    this is not even close to 4 iq

  • Taehyung's Forehead
    Taehyung's ForeheadPřed 3 měsíci

    Are there streamers react to toast and bret skip scene?

  • Dennis Prater
    Dennis PraterPřed 3 měsíci

    The well-groomed sunday arguably taste because signature indisputably shrug during a squealing start. outstanding, elite hot

  • Inistam
    InistamPřed 3 měsíci

    19:06 then the poki was so cute

  • i’m just vibin’
    i’m just vibin’Před 3 měsíci

    I don’t know if you read your comments but I’m proud of how far you’ve come❤️love you and your channel sm❤️

  • Jishaqib Wafeloski
    Jishaqib WafeloskiPřed 3 měsíci

    What is this intro background song that OTV always uses? The very very beginning not Rapture, thank you!

  • joanna_ spark
    joanna_ sparkPřed 3 měsíci

    Woa how is this still trending in my country

  • besm3st
    besm3stPřed 3 měsíci

    Psych! Kuno

  • Lucas
    LucasPřed 3 měsíci

    Lmao Leslie definitely was gonna go kitchen for, um, reasons

  • Jordan Ottersbach
    Jordan OttersbachPřed 3 měsíci

    Look at Sykkuno using Toast’s own “failed double-kill” maneuver on him. 😂

  • Hotpie89
    Hotpie89Před 3 měsíci

    Am I crazy or is toast's theme song inspector gadget?

  • Kholdilocks
    KholdilocksPřed 3 měsíci

    Bretman skip works. Kimi skip does not.

  • Electronic ClashR
    Electronic ClashRPřed 3 měsíci

    Sykkuno was just so un like himself ,but at the end it was a beautifully sketched win :)

  • Parker
    ParkerPřed 3 měsíci

    Jack: I saw Toast kill. Corpse and Poki: Ima vote Bretman

  • Thao Nguyen
    Thao NguyenPřed 3 měsíci

    But for real, i didn't think Sykkuno was the imposter lol

  • Anna Flores
    Anna FloresPřed 3 měsíci

    That g-g-g-guns Reminds me of the "D-d-d-dead?" "YES D-d-d-dead"

  • Sia Anand
    Sia AnandPřed 3 měsíci

    Toast doing stabilize steering: *WHAT THE HELL IS THIS* me: *Tis why u play free play and do every single tasks on the map* Also me when I came across it: *Da Heck*

  • Sia Anand
    Sia AnandPřed 3 měsíci

    This like the 10th time Toast wondered "can u kill on the ladder?" I think no cuz ur kill cooldown also pauses but idk

  • Tajauna Eunies
    Tajauna EuniesPřed 3 měsíci

    If I told u a secret would u keep it?

  • Mia Mia
    Mia MiaPřed 3 měsíci

    Sykunno omg

  • Kelly
    KellyPřed 3 měsíci

    Man for that last game, you saw that Jodi, Corpse, Leslie were at the button, so who could have killed Bretman? SYKKUNO! No one even asked where the body was, that would have clinched the deal.

  • Timothy Meysenburg
    Timothy MeysenburgPřed 3 měsíci

    Sykkuno's best game I've seen. That was impressive

  • Hovthegod30
    Hovthegod30Před 3 měsíci

    "Leslie will go to the kitchen" toast

  • Game Graves
    Game GravesPřed 3 měsíci

    sykuno crushed it!!!

  • nefariou5
    nefariou5Před 3 měsíci

    leslie and poki throwing hard. corpse was the only big brain 23:45 but by then it was too late

  • Marvin Luster
    Marvin LusterPřed 3 měsíci

    Sykunno gets a sub for that one, that was awesome

  • Nora Lilleeide
    Nora LilleeidePřed 3 měsíci

    Toast said thingamabob and in my head I went "BOBBLYUNSHNUIFF!"

  • nefariou5
    nefariou5Před 3 měsíci

    why'd you edit out the fact that toast was stuck for ages at the start of the round considering he referenced it in the meeting? 5:20

  • István Szikra
    István SzikraPřed 3 měsíci

    10:15 "kitchen ... not because of reasons ... because she likes food" LOL so... we went from sexist to "she is fat" ;) Just kidding

  • aardappel gang
    aardappel gangPřed 3 měsíci

    6:02 bcz of the henry stickman game

  • VBTheLegend
    VBTheLegendPřed 3 měsíci

    What's the song name in the background..

  • Keth Carmel Olayon
    Keth Carmel OlayonPřed 3 měsíci


  • Colin Spahr
    Colin SpahrPřed 3 měsíci

    Toast: I was admiring what I was going to do with these guns later.

  • Tripp55
    Tripp55Před 3 měsíci

    WHY is the ship flying in reverse?! You can tell from the movement of the clouds at 17:26

  • juan camilo martinez hurtado
    juan camilo martinez hurtadoPřed 3 měsíci


  • VaderIsNotMyDad
    VaderIsNotMyDadPřed 3 měsíci

    Toast, every video you use this intro song, I will like, regardless of overall video content, I dig the music so hard

  • Leftist NPC
    Leftist NPCPřed 3 měsíci

    The way Corpse said “ya fuckin freak” was legitimately hilarious. Actually laughed out loud.

  • Ayeitz savannah
    Ayeitz savannahPřed 3 měsíci


  • Alesandria Salinas
    Alesandria SalinasPřed 3 měsíci

    YOU FREAK 5:08

  • Anchy I
    Anchy IPřed 3 měsíci

    So, wait, when Toast said "Bretman, SKIP!", was he saying that to Bretman in a private chat? Because it didn't seem like anyone else heard him say that

  • Happykid31
    Happykid31Před 3 měsíci


  • Katie Nguyen
    Katie NguyenPřed 3 měsíci

    jack has his top of the morning mug in the animation that’s such a cute touch from the animators 1:35

  • Anisah Mohammed
    Anisah MohammedPřed 3 měsíci

    No one is talking about how corpse was RIGHT.

  • Arias
    AriasPřed 3 měsíci

    Am I really the only one who enjoyed Jack’s and Corpse’s conversation?! I hoped that Corpse is gonna do some reference on himself after Jack asked him if he’ll keep the secret, but he did not. 🥺

  • Taniko H
    Taniko HPřed 3 měsíci


  • Kat Meow
    Kat MeowPřed 3 měsíci

    Toast- ngl- among us is dead -w- its sad you're still playing it cuz its boring now-

  • Josh
    JoshPřed 3 měsíci

    I watched the Sykkuno Lie live and it was insane! I then looked up everyone else's streams and watch their reactions when I could. Everyone went from shocked to impressed real quick

  • Malsawmkimi
    MalsawmkimiPřed 3 měsíci

    just seeing the earrings tho XD

  • Katam Reddy Thanmai
    Katam Reddy ThanmaiPřed 3 měsíci

    Toast how you do animation

  • Sweetie Marone
    Sweetie MaronePřed 3 měsíci

    Corpse: Ey thanks guys Fuslie: No, thank YOU Corpse Corpse: Ey no problem :> This so cute I have to pause and giggle ♥♥

  • Miguel Angel Rojas
    Miguel Angel RojasPřed 3 měsíci

    Wait, this channel is not a hearthstone content? I mean... this guys are toast? Nvm i like among us contest

  • Kawababes 😋✌
    Kawababes 😋✌Před 3 měsíci

    " some sqeezable thinganabob "

  • TheLongestNameInTheCommentSection
    TheLongestNameInTheCommentSectionPřed 3 měsíci

    69 420 IQ

  • El_Joshu
    El_JoshuPřed 3 měsíci

    “Leslie likes food” Leslie: you calling me fat?

  • andrejoss475
    andrejoss475Před 3 měsíci

    Sykkuno's acting was so good that i would've believed him even if i saw him kill in front of me

  • Say Sapphy
    Say SapphyPřed 3 měsíci

    That scream "Sykkuno! SYKKUNO!" was priceless

  • Tawannee Chaiyindeebhumi
    Tawannee ChaiyindeebhumiPřed 3 měsíci

    No one: Toast: 11:49

  • A loser
    A loserPřed 3 měsíci

    Good on Sykkuno, after all the silliness I didn't expect such a serious attempt at a win.

  • Croxenz
    CroxenzPřed 3 měsíci

    I know I’m going to get hate for this but just because you made a smart play doesn’t mean it’s over 10,000 IQ

  • Rose
    RosePřed 3 měsíci


  • Iah Devon Liwag
    Iah Devon LiwagPřed 3 měsíci


  • jasminechloe dungo
    jasminechloe dungoPřed 3 měsíci

    the moment that toast's body slowly did a moonwalk right when the meeting got called 2:49

  • JayPixelz
    JayPixelzPřed 3 měsíci

    Even Toast The Big Brain Man himself got fooled by Sykkuno's Lie Acting 👏👏

  • cthulhu eye
    cthulhu eyePřed 3 měsíci

    Okay that last lost was because of poki and her fake big brain. She threw.

  • kittycat7732
    kittycat7732Před 3 měsíci

    Anyone know the intro song name?

  • The Royal Corgi
    The Royal CorgiPřed 3 měsíci

    17:45 Toast : Checks on admin to see if people are dead Vitals : AM I A JOKE TO YOU?!

  • martin spasenovski
    martin spasenovskiPřed 3 měsíci

    Leslie fault and poki they tried without a reason to throw toast out since first round gg

  • KylieIsBetter
    KylieIsBetterPřed 3 měsíci

    Can we all agree that Sykkunos acting at the end was amazing, like I believed him lmao